Trust Our Mission

Our Mission Focuses on Learning

Our mission is to provide therapeutic services that improve student learning and make academic success attainable. With greater expectations of educators to improve student achievement, every professional in contact with students must be prepared to help their school district achieve their goals. The Love Institute is an educational consulting company that staffs schools with SLP, OT, PT, and LBS-1 certified teachers that can meet the high demands of education and be collaborators in the classroom and the school.

Share Our Values

Our Values Drive Our Actions
Our values define our moral character and how we support academic growth.

Our Values:

  • Motivate and nurture educational and social growth for all learners.
  • Help all scholars adapt and thrive at home, school and in the community
  • Promote academic excellence in all areas for scholars and educators
  • Provide resource utilization, efficiency, and compliance
  • Engage parents

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Our Community Welcomes You

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